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Kaiten Books is a localization and publishing company driven to bring the best Japan has to offer to the English-speaking fans of the world--like us! Our name is based off the famous sushi-go-round restaurants in Japan (called “kaiten-zushi,”) and our goal is to bring you as much variety in our releases as you would find on the menu in the finest Tokyo sushi bars.
We started our company as fans of manga. Now, we passionately work alongside the most premium talents in the localization industry to make sure each release is the highest quality it can be. There are plenty of updates throughout the release process to keep our readers up to date on their favorite series.
If you’re going to eat sushi, you want the best chef. If you’re going to read Japanese translations -- you want Kaiten Books. Our doors are always open for lovers of manga, so come on in and check out what's on the menu today!




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