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Loner Life in Another World Vol. 9 (DIGITAL)

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Brand: Shoji Goji & Bibi

Safe, Secure, and on Cloud Nine! For now...

With the false dungeon finally compete, Haruka and his motley crew have bought Omui some much needed safety! But for how long, exactly, will peace on the frontier last?

Word from Narogy brings our stalwart loner heading even further into the unknown, scouting out a not-too-distant kingdom and its royal family. Just what kind of new threats will he uncover on his wayward mission? Does the mighty kingdom wish to expand its borders past Narogy and take Omui for itself? Will Haruka's fake labyrinth be enough to keep the fearsome Royal Guard at bay? And just how many mechanisms and traps can you line a dungeon with before it's considered a war crime?

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