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The Bottom-Tier Baron's Accidental Rise to the Top Vol. 2 (DIGITAL)

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Brand: Manzi Mazi & Parabora

Blundering into battle with the bordering barony, the Bottom-Tier Baron continues his rise to the top!

Thanks to the misunderstandings of his subjects, Baron Rize has maxed out his approval rating. Next on the agenda? Bouncing back business in the Barony of Babalon! His secret scheme was to counterfeit specialty products from neighboring Barony of Bonclair, beginning a bootleg bonanza. However, Baron Zhaikov has caught on and declared war! Rize's number one priority is safety-specifically for number one: himself.
So he goes to battle with the sleazebag strategy of using his adoring subjects as meat shields. But thanks to even more misunderstandings, their loyalty to him continues to skyrocket!
Can he ride this accidental, electric moral and snatch victory from the jaws of his foe?!
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