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Loner Life in Another World Vol. 10 (DIGITAL)

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Brand: Shoji Goji & Bibi


Faced with a grim reality he wanted to forget, Haruka is forced to swallow a bitter pill and admit to his weakness... But he can't mope for long. The Kingdom's princess has inexplicably fallen into his lap, and to make matters worse? She seems to have a deathwish! How will Haruka cope with the unsettling news she has for him, and just what can he do to restore the smile to her face? Will he resurrect her resolve to fight and live? Will he find in her a new ally, or a listless prisoner? Armed with only a gaggle of high school girls at his disposal, our hapless loner has no choice but to begin work on the greatest and deadliest arts-and-crafts undertaking of his life: Operation Underwear.

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